The same guide will meet you at the lobby of the hotel at 09:30 am. for another private full day sightseeing tour of Istanbul. Visit the streets and houses of Ayvansaray, Balat, Cibali, Fener; the holy spring of Orthodox Greeks “Blaherna” , the Mosque of “Master Ivaz”, “Demetrius Kanabu” Church, “Tur-i Sina” Abbey, “Surp Hresdagabey” Church, the Mosque of “Ferruh Kethuda” , the Patriarchate, the “Rose (Gul)” Mosque, “Ayia Maria” Church, and Bulgarian Church. At the end of the tour, relaxing at a Hamam (Turkish Bath), Return to the hotel for overnight

Faith Tour/Jewish Sites & Turkish Bath

  • What’s included
    • Lunch at the best available restaurant
    •  Entry fees
  • Turkish Bath
    • Private Professional guidance in English Language
    • Private coach with A/C Vehicle
    • Parking fees
    • Local taxes
    • Given rates are per person
    • Full-day tours are starting at 09:00 AM and completed at about 06:00 PM
  • Please contact for 1 and up to 10 guests
  • For more information please contact us
  • email :
  • phone: 90 212 272 77 72

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