Turkish Lessons in Istanbul.

Start learning Turkish in Istanbul

Turkish is a member of the Turkic branch of the Altaic family of languages.  Nearly 150 million people spanning from Western China to Eastern Romania speak the Turkic languages. Modern Ottoman Turkish spoken by nearly 70 million people is the official language of Turkey. It has heavy borrowings from Persian and Arabic languages, as well as some European influences. However, in recent history Turkish has been purging from itself the Arabic and Persian words, replacing them with truer Turkish words, or with western counterparts.
In 1928, the Turkish government replaced the Turkish Arabic alphabet with a Turkish Latin alphabet. This action has helped aligned and continues to push Turkey towards the west. With such a rich language, culture, and people (over 150 million people speaking some form of it), Turkish certainly is an important language to learn.


The lessons are given by  our instructors Mrs. Serpil, Mrs. Seval or Mrs. Ayse. Our teachers have been teaching turkish for several years for foreigners, graduated from University department of Education or Literature and professional in teaching.

Private and Group Lessons

The courses include basic grammatical rules, commonly used words and phrases in daily life for both speaking and writing Turkish.  Lessons can be individual ( one student , two teachers )  or in a group according to your requests.

Course Programme

The Course programme and schedule is organised by the student’s ambition and the teacher’s programme. For a complete learning the student must study at least 12 months but for basic 3 months can be enough. Actually it depends on the student.

Course Location

The Turkish courses will be in our culture center located in Sultanahmet area, center of old town.

Benefits Of Learning Turkish in Turkiye

Faster foreign language learning
– Meeting lots of interesting  people
Building your resume by having an international experience
– Learning Turkish culture


Up in the pictures you can see one of our best friends and hard working  Students from Holland. Frank and Marieke .. 09 july 2004

For some useful words and its pronunciations

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